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We appreciate our clients taking the time to give us feedback on our services. We always like to know how well we are meeting our clients goals and expectations and whether we live up to the high standards we set ourselves.

Please find below a list of current testimonials we have received. If you have used our services and would like to leave us a testimonial, please do contact us.

Business Services UK have totally changed the way we do operate online, a few years ago we were struggling to connect with our target audience. The business has gone from being totally reliant on Google Adwords, to being well positioned in the free listings, more importantly profitability has increased 5 fold. I cannot sing their praises highly enough, their hard work and support are now a cornerstone of our business.
- Linda Parrot, Cookies 4U

Business Services UK do exactly what they say on the tin.., improve your position on the major search engines in an organic and sustainable way. And most importantly, he understands the need for the site to convert visitors once they reach your site! And he does it all with good humour and is happy to take the time to explain the reasons for doing certain things (in simple terms for me!). would recommend BSUK to anyone who is serious about improving their web presence and, in turn, the profitability of their web based business
- Matt Kitchen, Quick Sale Houses

Since I started using BSUK I'm amazed at how strong the website has become. Not only has Pete increased traffic to the website he also has helped me with copywriting and together we have formulated a very definite plan of where the website and ultimately the business is going. This is something I never had. I look forward to working with Pete over many years and see going from strength to strength.
- Mark McAvoy, CashNi

Having had numerous sites built for me in the past in financial services and the food industry I thought I understood the key factors involved but knew I would need some hand holding along the way. Whilst I understand the benefits of technology the mechanics leave me cold. I find it impossible to relate to techies who speak their own peculiar language so sought out an individual with a good grasp of business methods and a clear understanding of internet marketing techniques who could bridge that divide. Through an iterative process we drew together an implementation plan that we both understood and a designer was appointed. There were a few hiccups along the way but the plan was delivered on time and to budget. Once the skeleton was in place the person involved was immensely helpful in structuring the content to be market focused and never hesitated to contribute constructive criticism. It was hard work all round but it did enable us to get Skills Provision into Google news within 6 months of launch. We are now on website number 6 of increasing complexity so I suppose you want to know - who this mystery man? Not quite yet. He sets the highest standards for himself and expects the same of his clients. If you are not worried about hard work and belief in quality at all times then give him a call but don’t waste his time. His name is Peter Arkwright of Business Services UK
- Chris Slay, Skills Provision

I have been working with Pete for over eighteen months with a mutual client. His understanding of how SEO works is second to none. He has demonstrated to me that SEO is not “instant” – it takes time, building up a good rapport with his clients, understanding what it is they are trying to achieve, other than the obvious high ranking on Google. He has a direct approach some might flinch at, including myself to begin with, but he gets the desired result. If you are able to provide a good solid strategy of what you want your website to produce then Pete will ensure it does. There are no frills with Pete – he knows what needs to be done and how to get it, so if you genuinely want your website to generate interest then get Pete to do your SEO. If you only want to dip your toe in the water - don’t waste Pete’s time.
- Lesley-Anne Hornbogen , On The Go

"Daily grind mixed with BSUK in-depth knowledge of SEO has helped PeopleVox get to page 1 for our key search term 'inventory management software' in just over 2 months. It is more than that though. The candid direct advice on what we can also do to help get to page 1 and then convert the visitors...this is the real uniqueness of BSUK - they do the whole package and never say what you want to hear just to please you. We get pleased by being on page 1 and getting conversions to £££. And that is what we have now"
- Jonathan Bellwood, Peoplevox

I now realise that having a bad experience with companies which purport to handle SEO is not unusual. For any SME, where budget is important, this area is a minefield. I was recommended to contact Business Service UK by one of it's clients and then followed up a number of testimonials to see if they really were able to get results. The company is customer focused and understands its clients' business needs. And Peter has actually made be understand how I can use SEO as a valuable business tool and drive business to my site.
- Lesley Daley, Basecamp

As a major engineering supplier it was important for us to source a top quality optimisation firm. After carrying out our due diligence we opted for Business Services UK, without doubt a fantastic decision. After a few months we jumped to the top of Google for our preferred keywords.
- Brian Palmer, Tharsus

I was having problems finding a reliable company to sort out our SEO, it was at this time I came across BSUK. After employing their services we have very quickly become one of the leading suppliers of Mobile Phone Accessories in the United Kingdom. I think reaching this goal would have been an unrealistic for our team. I am more than happy to recommend BSUK for any search engine optimisation project.
- Melford Ryan, Mobile Den

If you're not a shrinking violet, know what you want from technology but not sure how to achieve those goals then going a few rounds with Pete Arkwright of Business Services UK will force you through the mangle enroute to achieving what you want. Pete takes no prisoners, is more abrasive than sandpaper but knows his business inside out and will even talk to you in English rather than technobabble. Yes we are at number 1 on Google and have recently been admitted to Google News but wouldn't have achieved either without Pete's foresight, thoroughness & mentoring. Doubling his retainer may have been of some encouragement!
- Chris Slay, European Recruitment Agency

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