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Is Blogging a Waste of Time?

Many years ago Google uttered the words, if you produce lots of unique content we will look favourably upon your websites. In essence these words led to the popularity of blogging. A term derived from the word ‘weblog’, which actually means ‘diary’.

I was as guilty as the next man for following the herd and diving into the world of blogs. What alternatives was there? The problem was always the delivery of poor results, high bounce rates and unacceptable conversion. Understandable when you consider a blog post is an informational page.

The change came following an experiment on a site we were working on at the time. I realised there we’re more keywords I wanted to target than the site actually held. Remember one set of keywords sits naturally on one page. Basically I produced a hub for the storage of single page adverts. I called it a library database. In the years that followed I have effectively utilised this method for increasing visibility and sales.

If I type the words, cleaning services Wetherby into Google, I don’t want to find results based around various techniques for cleaning houses. I want to find service providers, pages that are ‘pitching’ for my business.

Of course a library database is a flexible structure. I can add whatever sections and pages I want.

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Look upon of a library database as a structure without any books. Then as each page is uploaded we are merely placing a new book on a shelf. When the shelves are full we will have mass exposure, orientated towards the sales process.  

This does not mean we forsake blogging completely, we don’t. We can use both methods effectively. We just need to understand one process is directly related to sales the other a branding exercise aimed at the production of informational pages.  


By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Mon, Feb 17th 2014