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Business Services UK (BSUK) provide a low cost SEO solution that gives business owners the opportunity to have favorable search engine visibility an affordable rate. Our strength lies in improving visibility as well as providing top quality support, not matter what the issues are we are on hand to assist. Our list of genuine testimonials highlights our core strengths perfectly.

SEO is the technique used to improve the search engine visibility of a website, this in turn improves volume and quality of traffic. The degree of work can vary greatly, as every project is influenced by many factors. These include the amount of competition in a sector, the site design, structure and technical aspects both on and off-line. All factors are crucial to a sound SEO strategy. On-page factors ensure a search engine can access, read and interpret a site whilst off-page factors mostly revolve are the building of quality inbound links. Be assured our Low Cost SEO services are unbeatable, these are not our words but those of our clients.


Keywords are the words typed into search engines by members of the public. In our estimation keyword research is the most important factor in the search engine optimisation process, only by targeting the correct terms can a website fire on all cylinders. With each page having the ability to rank highly, the key is in the selection and implementation of keywords into a sites structure. It is certainly true that by carrying out this process correctly a website will see a dramatic increase in the number of visitors.

Our Low Cost SEO Strategy

This process involves working on a websites the code, making sure each page is well balanced and viewed positively by all the major search engines, particular interest is taken on


If all these factors are fully optimised it will certainly result in an increased ranking within the major search engines.

Link Building

Link building is the process of increasing a sites authority by adding its details on an external website. Each placed link has value in terms of adding search engine related strength and increasing a sites awareness. Link building is a very important aspect of search engine optimisation, if carried out correctly it will improve a sites ranking within the major search engines and increase the flow of visitors to a website.

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