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Top Quality Website Content

Top quality website content is an array of words that

1. Please search engines
2. Display the right image for a company/product/service
3. Contain call to actions
4. Drives a connection between the text and the reader
5. Is memorable

It could be said that there’s no point generating plenty of visitors on a site that has no conversion. On the flip side there’s no point having a great website that goes unseen.

Most website owners struggle with their words because they

1. Don’t fully understand their own products/services
2. Don’t understand the needs of the potential customer
3. Do not pay enough attention to their websites
4. Do not understand how to write search engine friendly text

A Rule of thumb guide for the production of search engine friendly text, bearing in mind each page should have 1 targeted keyword

• Naturally mention the targeted keyword(s) in the title (h1)

• Mention the targeted keyword(s) in the first sentence

• Naturally mention the targeted keyword(s) throughout the body of text, so a passages reads naturally – as a guide, with 300 – 350 words mention the targeted keyword(s) 4 times

• Make sure the content is totally unique, unique does not mean part copied from another source

• Make sure the content is grammatically accurate

• Make sure the content is free from spelling mistakes

• Add anchor text to the content, linking internal pages together

• Make sure there’s enough content on each page – as a guide there should be a minimum of 300 words per page.

Remember we can measure the quality of our content by

1. How many leads/sales are generated
2. Studying bounce rate statistics (available within Google’s analytics package)

If you have any question on the production of search engine friendly content, simply drop me a line at

By Peter Arkwright


Date Written: Thu, Jan 26th 2012