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To Sell More, Sell Less

To a large extent traditional marketing techniques are based around, imagery, strap lines, cost, fashion and music they are more an exercise in brainwashing that anything else. Developing a product or service so it becomes synonymous to a specific piece of media is costly and well outside the sphere of mainstream SME organisations. Some people are of the mindset that a logo, Strapline or website can become memorable, I personally feel we visit that many websites that our attention span is limited. So whilst the large business sector continues on the path of global brainwashing the SME sector have to play to their strengths, the ultimate platform to do this is obviously a website. Hence we work hard to market Business Services UK There is a well used phrase in the SME sector, to sell more, sell less.

Outside the ecommerce sector websites need to be very discrete in their portrayal of services and products, this is what we do, this is why we do it, here are some helpful guidelines to download oh and by the way if you would like to speak to us here is our phone number. The reason these tactics are working is possibly a physiological shift from the forced diet of Spam emails Cold calls Direct mail Buy from me, buy from me, buy from me, how painful. Freedom of choice is a powerful concept, to that end the more something is pushed the less it will work, fact. In our business we often tell people to go away, at this moment in time we are not interested in working on your project. People find this bizarre, why the hell not, is my money not good enough, this often ends up with people pleading for us to work on their projects.

We don’t play physiological mind games with potential clients, more often than not when I say no, we mean it the project is not for us. This psychology clearly illustrates the shift in marketing techniques. 

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Sat, Feb 26th 2011