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The Usability Factor

It’s a well-known fact that Google have the ability to look at the usability factor on our web pages, basically determining what pages are structured towards enhancing the visitors experience and which ones are not.

To analyse this subject further we need to concentrate on the term ‘above the fold’, basically the information we see before we scroll down.

It's fair to say information that's displayed above the fold is situated on prime real estate, with information below this line situated on secondary real estate.

Site owners and web designers need to adopt a scientific approach when producing web pages, well they do if they want the usability factor to work to their advantage. This is the main reason why I have always disliked what’s commonly known as SEO content. Basically text that’s pushed below a page’s footer.

Producing search and visitor friendly web pages is tricky, sites that perform well appear to be those where collaboration between the owner(s), the design team and the optimisation specialists is healthy.

Remember, our aim is to please unknown entities (site visitors), to do this we need to work smart, adopting ad hoc strategies may get sites built quicker, however the results will never be sparkling.

By Peter Arkwright


Date Written: Thu, Dec 8th 2011