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Syndication of Information

 A subject that’s a weak area for many of us is the syndication of a specific webpages. This could be:

·         A structured website page

·         Blog post

·         Keyword targeted library page

All too often we stick a link in Facebook and Twitter and leave it at that.

Last week this subject was analysed in greater detail, here are the results.

Adding a link onto another website can generate interaction if a post is structured in a specific manner.

An example

Today we discussed Tender writing in the digital age (link) do you think things have improved?

Next we looked at places we can post our pages.

·         Twitter

·         Facebook (corporate page & related groups)

·         You Tube (Audio)

·         Google+ (business page)

·         Linkedin (personal page, groups)

·         Business forums

·         Related discussion groups

·         Related media based sites

By syndicating accurately our pages will rise within search engines. Therefore the process of syndication should be viewed as an important one.


By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Wed, Jan 22nd 2014