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Question on Google +

This morning I was posed a question by Ant Norris, the owner and founder of Project10. Let me state for the record, I’m a fan of Ant’s work, in the past he’s been of great assistance to my business.

Ant wanted to know my thoughts on Google +

Hi Ant

A few months back I read an interesting article on the subject of Facebook v Google +, the theme of the piece was based around the concept that there’s only room in our lives for one social media type organisation. So we have:

These 3 organisation have had amazing success, to that end it’s only natural to see attempts at replication, we saw this with eBay, they all failed.

We’re creatures of habit, once we get used to a platform, invest time on it and enjoy using it, we’re not for changing, even if something comes along that’s better. The irony is, it’s said that Bing is a better search engine than Google, simply because it delivers better results, however because we all became accustomed to using Google no one was for changing.

So in the end it’s all about being ‘first to market’ forming habits, driving a connection between website and the visitor, whilst continually improving the business.

Google fail at a lot of stuff, in many ways there’s nothing wrong with this, Like Apple, Google are attempting innovation on a grand scale. For that they should be applauded but the truth is they will continue to have more failures than success. In my opinion Google + will show itself to be a huge failure a little like Google TV.

Usage stats currently show a huge reduction, people had as look, they had a play, they went back to facebook


By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Tue, Dec 13th 2011