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Moulding Websites with Social Activity

For many years I’ve struggled with the task of effectively distributing quality information, directly into the hands of the wider audience.

Yes, we can produce typed words, by the gallon, but how effective are they? Visit a website and it can be a case of searching for a needle in a haystack. Then there’s the social angle, how can we truly bind a website with social activity? In fact the problem runs much deeper, how can we bind all 3 elements together effectively?

  1. The business
  2. The website
  3. Social activity

For many people the problem lies with communication. Most businesses I support have so many interesting things to say. But when it comes to actively communicating specific messages, they simply fail to materialise. Maybe it’s a case of there’s just too much to say. An example - Data cabling specialists and engineering firms are diverse animals. They can generally do, whatever you want them to, as long as the ‘terms’ are attractive.

This problem has been banging around in my brain for years; at last I’m starting to see a solution.

Video is difficult. It’s not easy to edit, most of us feel uncomfortable when a camera is pressed into our face. I’ve had this on 2 occasions myself, once in the military when I was in Norway, organising a ski race and the other when I stepped off the golf course and Sky Sports asked if they could have a word. On both occasions I felt very uncomfortable, for a short space of time I didn’t know who I was, let alone what I was saying. So videos are out but what about Podcasts? Now there’s a different animal.

So what if I modified a website so it could hold its own broadcasting station?

People from within the company can take bit size subjects and discuss them in detail

I can use specific software that will convert audio to text, great for SEO

I will have something different to syndicate round the social arena. We’re all becoming bored of reading; hence video is becoming a popular medium.

I can actually start using Twitter as a way of audience participation on live/pre-recorded shows. Simply add the line #tharsus and we may discuss you question on our show.

I’ve already tested out this idea, the results were fantastic, far better than I ever expected and fairly simple. In the next few weeks I embark on the delivery of this concept. In truth it’s a challenge I’m looking forward too.

Remember, moving forward will always require action.


By Peter Arkwright 

Date Written: Thu, Feb 6th 2014