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Is Your PPC Campaign Suffering?

If your PPC positioning is not as healthy as it once was, you need to read this article.

Adwords is a complex system, more complicated than people imagine, it’s based around something called the ‘Quality Score’ this is determined by;

• The keywords used

• The bid price

• The quality of a landing page

A quote from Google on quality;

Landing page and site quality guidelines

Our landing page and site quality guidelines are recommendations we have for creating high quality websites. We believe that when users visit a website, they expect the site to have the following qualities:

1. Feature relevant and original content
2. Be transparent
3. Be easy to navigate

The guidelines you'll see below will help you to create a high quality website. Following these guidelines can help to improve your Quality Score and keep your ads visible and running in higher positions on search results pages. A high Quality Score can also decrease your keywords' costs-per-clicks (CPCs) and improve the chances that your ads will win a position on your targeted placements.

The idea with PPC is to channel people to solid areas of a website, whilst paying as little as possible. This can only be achieved by adopting a sensible strategy. We should not take batches of keywords and direct them to a poorly constructed landing page. It wouldn’t work, no matter how much was being spent.

The idea is to

• Please the potential customer
• Please Google
• Improve the business

So where do we start?

1. Carry out in depth keyword research, identifying what people are actually searching for when they are looking for your products/services

2. Modify your website so it’s visitor and search friendly, each keyword would have its own page

3. Modify PPC adverts accordingly

As you can see, even PPC is linked to owning a quality website. Google are able to use this functionality because they earn so much money, you would think it was all about how much you paid per advert, it isn’t. It’s about how much we pay combined with quality.

An example

If my PPC campaign targets the term ‘free press release’ I do not target the advert to my homepage, I target it to

Google do not want to index pages that display copied or part copied content, fact. Their latent sematic indexing algorithms are so clever they can fully analyse our content, determining;

• Originality
• Theme – keyword related
• Accuracy – spelling & grammar

Latent semantic indexing sounds a mouthful, so what is it all about?

Google take the words on a web page

They remove the stop words – is, at, if, is, etc

The remaining words are converted into a huge string of numbers. Thousands of digits long

These strings of numbers are then analysed.

Now obviously if 500 words convert to a 10,000 number string it is easy to view matches. To that end we never, ever copy or part copy any words and place them on our websites, no matter how tempting it is.

In conclusion

To run an effective PPC campaign we need to understand ‘the system’ we then need to maximise our potential. Generally speaking we produce pages that Google and our visitors view favourably. If we get this right our online businesses will have a greater chance of success.

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Mon, Jan 9th 2012