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Improving Your Click Through Rate

Earlier this week I raised the question. ‘How can a website be listed in 2nd or 3rd position of Google’s organic listings and perform better than the site listing in first'? I received some well thought out answers, unfortunately they were all wrong.

Owning a website that performs well in all areas is more complex than people imagine, especially if a lofty position in Google’s organic listings is desirable.

One of the most overlooked areas is based around CTR. I know this sounds like a medical anagram, it actually stands for ‘Click Through Rate’. CTR is a measurement of visitors on a set page of search engine results balanced against the clicks your advert receives. This basically measures the strength of your meta data but there is more.

Nowadays we see meta tags set out in this manner.

Tender Writing | Tender Writing Services | UK
Professional tender writing services, tender writing services available in the UK

Now this could be viewed as a solid attempt at Search Engine Optimisation, it’s actually crude spam that has a limited shelf life.

If we now consider CTR, the construction of our meta data should be looked at in a different light. So going back to our example we could produce this.

Professional Tender Writing Services, 90% Win Ratio
Our professional tender writing services have been leading the way over the past 20 years. Our win ratio is unbeatable.

Now we need to throw ‘Rich Snippets’ into the pot.

I’m sure you’ve seen these nice stand out orange stars listed under certain search engine results. These are generated by following Google’s coding guidelines. Obviously these stars are tricky to implement into every business model but with some solid lateral thinking it is possible. One thing is certain adverts that display rich snippets stand out more than ones that don’t.

In conclusion, by producing top quality meta tags and utilising systems like rich snippets we will be able to increase our CTR and take websites that are listed in 2nd or 3 position and make perform better than ones in first.

By Peter Arkwright


Date Written: Sat, Nov 19th 2011