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Improve Website Conversion

This subject is certainly one I spend a lot of time on, basically it’s forms stage 2 of a websites development

Stage 1 – Getting off the start line by improving

a. The website
b. Search engine positioning
c. Visitor flows

Stage 2 – Improving conversion. Site X receives 500 visitors per day but only makes 20 orders. What processes do we need to analyse and improve to make the order figure higher?

Generally speaking sites that convert poorly do so because the connection between the site, product or service and visitor is not strong enough or people are arriving expecting to see something else.

Here are some useful guidelines for site owners or marketing experts who are looking to improve a websites conversion ratio

1. Content

a. Error free
b. Grammatically accurate
c. Natural flow
d. Specifically produced to impress the potential customer

2. Visual impact

a. Visually stimulating
b. Imagery that enhances appeal
c. A solid balance between text and images
d. Keeping on-theme
e. Open validation i.e displaying testimonials

3. Trust

a. Security i.e https
b. Previous/current clients
c. Displaying a traditional address
d. Displaying company details

4. USP’s

a. Display your USP’s
b. Do not be afraid to ‘sell’
c. Highlight your businesses strengths

5. Ease of Navigation

a. Clear call to actions
b. Logical set up

6. Temptation

a. Clear pricing strategy
b. Clear returns system
c. Special offers

7. Innovations

a. Do not be afraid of experimentation
b. Do not follow the herd
c. Separate yourself from the pack

8. Hosting

a. Fast load speed is essential

9. Contact

a. Openly display a telephone number
b. Openly display an email address
c. Have solid means of online contact
d. Automatically send out receipt emails
e. Quick enquiry forms work well

10. Meta

a. Attractive meta title tags
b. Logical meta description tags

Listed above are just a few areas that can be analysed with the aim of improving conversion. In this game we need to continually push ourselves so our connection with the potential customer is a strong one.

Good luck

By Peter Arkwright


Date Written: Tue, Dec 6th 2011