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Good Quality Content

The benefits of displaying top quality website copy is often overlooked by the business owner. In today’s competitive marketplace we need to compel visitors to make contact or purchase an item. Often I hear it said that people own good looking websites, they receive plenty of visitors, yet the profit generated is poor. When I analyse the situation I find the website copy too one dimensional and poorly constructed. It often describes an item or a service but seldom comes across in a tempting manner. As the online sector becomes more competitive people will be forced to look at their websites in a more critical manner. To convert a visitor into a paying customer we need to lay hooks, these hooks should be based around, this is why you need to purchase from us.

The difficulty is demonstrating this in a discrete manner, we don’t want to push too hard as it will put people off. Websites copy can be based around ‘call to actions’ if you want more information on this product click here. They should also be constructed in a manner that lures the visitor in. More often than not people display doorways for them to leave, affiliate advertising, social media links and associated website hyperlinks are the most common mistakes. People often dismiss the value of sound website copy because they cannot be bothered, what is the value in spending 1000’s of hours uploading top quality unique content? This is a short sighted point of view will ultimately end in disaster, if you cannot be bothered, rest assured there will be people who are.

Remember the online business arena is a competitive battlefield. Something as simple as a free press release can bring in valuable traffic. Never underestimate the intelligence of the visitor, to that end the words we display on our websites is vitally important, these words need to be constructed in a manner that meets with approval from the target audience. If your conversion ratio is poor, spend a few days going through your copy, then ask yourself will this truly impress my visitor, if the answer is no, many hours of work lay ahead. Remember we do not write to impress search engines, we write to impress our visitors.

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Fri, Mar 4th 2011