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Enhanced Publicity For a New Page

People do not set out to fail, they do so, online, because they do not have a solid understanding of what's needed or they are lazy (short cut brigade). When we talk about closing the loop it involves the use of social media platforms, ones that have already been primed.

If we take a new page and fire it through platforms were we are not active or popular, the desired effect will be minimal.

Before we even consider the implementation of our strategy we need to embark on a popularity campaign.

Twitter - we need to utilise Twellow, build up our followers and interact with people (RT's)

Facebook - we need to generate interest from other parties, like business pages, build our friends list and interact

Linkedin - We need to participate in group discussion, raise our profile and building our connection numbers

Business Forums - We need to participate in the community, ideally becoming a site moderator

You Tube - We need to watch and comment on other people's videos

Once we have built up our social popularity it's only natural that when we start saying something, people will take an interest.

When you think about it it's fairly logical, 'social' media is a platform based around interaction. I have no idea what people expect to gain from automated or one way broadcasting, it simple doesn't work.

Generating account popularity is hard work and it cannot be done by cutting corners. If we work smartly we can then utilise these systems to enhance the popularity of new pages released to our websites

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Sat, Jun 23rd 2012