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Don't Be Complacent

Don't be complacent regarding your search engine positioning, remember no one has a god given right to sit at the head of the table.

In recent weeks Google have been making stronger noises in regards to the over optimisation of web pages as well as the on-going modification to their Panda update. Websites that have sat at the top of Google's organic listings for many years are now coming under pressure.

If search engine positioning is important for your business you need understand what's going on, ignorance will not help if things start going down the pan.

Of course Google want to display the best pages for any given query, the question has always been, what defines good pages from poor ones and how can a fair measuring system be utilised. It's been a real struggle for the team at Google, each time they improve the engine the black hat gang find a way of manipulation, however things are really changing now. For the first time we're starting to see the emergence of the level playing field, one where quality is truly rewarded. Soon the days of keyword spam will be well behind us.

If your website is dropping down Google's organic listings it will be down to these changes, if action is not taken swiftly the drop will continue.

Remember there's a world of difference between a well targeted web page one that's based around pleasing a sites visitors and a web page thats been constructed to simply please Google.

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Mon, Apr 16th 2012