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Content Ownership

In the online world it’s very easy to miss something or not be aware of the implications of our actions.

Slideshare is a powerful website for the upload of online presentations. A few well produced documents can generate large viewing figures.

This presentation was uploaded by Chris Slay 5 weeks ago; the document has already been viewed 752 times. So what are the dangers? Surely it’s just a case of producing a PowerPoint presentation and uploading it to their website.

I think this would be a fair statement to make. ‘We should be more interested in developing our own sites strength over someone else’s’.

I will explain.

Underneath Chris’s presentation you can see the extracted transcript. This may seem an odd thing to do, actually its quite clever. By using this system content ownership will be secured by the Slideshare website. (Google cannot see words within an image)

It will be of no surprise to hear ventures that cleverly gain ownership of something produced by others are popular and growing at an alarming rate.

To benefit from our work we need to secure content ownership, then use places like Slideshare for mass distribution. This can be achieved by uploading a presentation, with the supporting words, onto our own websites. Then it’s a matter of waiting for indexing before syndication.

Wayne Connors the owner and founder of Active Communication Company Limited constantly bends my ear. ‘Pete, in the modern online world, content is King’. Wayne is right, but more often than not it’s what we do with our content that defines success from failure.


Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Wed, Oct 2nd 2013