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Articles for SEO Purposes.

I came across a question this week that asked. Is it ethical to write articles for SEO purposes? This is certainly a complicated subject. We are all aware that Search Engines advocate the uploading of good quality unique content to a website. However they also state website owners should not attempt manipulation and their platforms should be presented in a user friendly manner. Here are my thoughts. I personally feel website owners have plenty to offer in terms of the production of top quality unique content; generally speaking the copywriters will be subject matter experts and without content there really wouldn’t be much of a web. However, attempts at manipulation should be jumped on. Is it natural to produce articles that go over the top with anchor texting? The same could be said of extensive use of bold text or high keyword frequency. Copy that is produced with the sole purpose of pleasing search engines is often unreadable; the words have no natural flow. I’ve often asked myself, what benefit do these tactics have in increasing a visitor’s experience?

The answer is they don’t, it’s just a crude attempt at search engine manipulation. We see the same thing on millions of websites around the globe. Low cost SEO providers are the worst by a long way Write to improve your visitor’s experience, in the end, you will see the benefit. I understand this goes against the grain with business owners, who feel self promotion is an absolutely necessity in everything they do. In terms of Internet related businesses these principles are so wrong. If Google say, build your website with the intention of pleasing your site visitors, they are not saying; keep your visitors in mind whilst you are incorporate manipulative techniques.

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Sun, Nov 21st 2010