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Are The British Government Helping Small Businesses

As the popularity of Internet related business increases, are the British government offering enough support to the online business sector? At present the answer has to be, no they are not. This is surprising as wealth generated by the online businesses community would have the knock on effect of throwing more money into the governments ‘black hole’. Apart from business grants and information displayed on the Business Link website it could be said there’s very little else on offer. For the online business sector to flourish as a whole more emphasis needs be paid to. Financial incentives for online start ups. Free local business directories.

Visibility on what grants are actually available. Government sponsored networking groups. Allowances for small business owners who are struggling. Seminars covering all aspects of Internet business, from designing a search engine friendly website to complicated marketing techniques. Government rated system on service providers, based around positive or negative results achieved. Of course the answer will be, we don’t have enough money for these kind of luxuries, the answer to this is simple, no one really cared when the country’s financial situation was buoyant. No governement grant was used for the production of Business Services UK Only by positively backing the online business community will the government attract more numbers to take the step of setting up their own enterprise. Long term this can only be good news for the British economy.

Currently it feels like too much emphasis is placed on the support of large organisations whilst totally forgetting small ventures or start ups. Simply saying we are doing our best to loan more money is lame in the extreme. Talk is cheap, action is what people want to see.

By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Tue, Dec 28th 2010