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The Right Place to Pitch

Business owners and supporting staff like to ‘pitch’, an understandable phenomenon when you consider the aim of a business is to make money. The problems faced in this area stem from a general lack of understanding of the online environment, in particular the needs, desires and wishes of the general public.

If we are searching for an opinion on any given subject, many of us will do a Google search. If we find a relevant advert, we will be tempted into clicking on a link. If we start reading through a page and all of a sudden it starts turning into an advert, we will feel insulted. This is not the information I was looking for, it’s nothing more than an elaborate ‘sales pitch’.

To reiterate

A blog post – This should be a relevant, informational page, aimed at supplying the reader with our opinions on a given subject.

A news article – This should be our views on a specific occurrence or event.

By producing good quality editorials, either blog posts or news articles we can:

If we feel the need to pitch our services or talk about our products, we need to be innovative and find a suitable place to do so. All too often people are throwing their arms in the air, stating, their hard work is not paying off. When I analyse what they’re actually doing I can see gaping holes in their methodology.

Remember as the seller of a product or service, you are not naturally aligned with the purchaser. Your needs, desires and wishes will be different to theirs.

My advice is simple, adopt a more analytical approach and don’t be afraid of change.


By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Fri, Jan 31st 2014