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Social Media, Worth the Investment?

Why is social media important for business?

Because lots of people hang out there, surely the law of averages dictate we will find interested parties, won’t we?

Possibly, but all too often the answer is no.


Do we see adverts on Facebook? I mean do we ‘really’ see them?


We’ve become immune to over absorption. TV adverts being a casing point.


Demographics, the study of human behaviour. When we want something online, be that a product or a service, we go looking for them in our favourite places. Whilst carrying out this action we invariably have our ‘shopping heads’ on.

When we visit social media channels, we don’t see the adverts, because we’re not looking for them. We go to these places for interaction purposes. Our brains do not process what we're not looking for.

So why bother?

Basically by utilising social media correctly we can benefit in other areas.

  1. Social media posts appear in Google (as stated earlier. We use Google when we have our ‘shopping heads’ on)
  2. Utilising social media correctly will improve our search engine position

Posting on social media is much easier than posting on a website, this and popularity, are the reasons for mass participation.

Contained within a marketing plan should be a strategy that merges site activity with social channels. Generally this is carried out for the enhanced distribution of information, not direct selling. If we do this correctly, there’s a chance we will benefit.

Strategy will always play an important role in a strategic environment. 


By: Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Mon, Jan 27th 2014