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Mobile Device Viewing

In regards to websites, the subject of mobile device viewing is made to sound more complex than it ought to be. Today I’m going to attempt to lay things out in a logical, understandable manner.


Most websites are viewable on a mobile device, people talk about ‘responsive’ platforms, in general terms, it doesn’t make much difference. If you’re on a mobile phone a website is going to look pretty small. This can be worked around by zooming in. Let’s just say it works, but it’s far from ideal.

Mobile friendly homepage

Here we can take a homepage and produce a ‘lite’ version. Minimal information, minimal images, highlighted ‘call to actions’. In essence we have a new page that’s viewable on a mobile device without having to use a magnifying glass.

Mobile friendly website

Now if we really want to push the boat out we can introduce a whole site that’s lite and mobile friendly. In most instances this is not required.


We can develop apps and add them to the various app stores. Once again in most instances this is not necessary.


By utilising mobile technology we can improve a visitor’s experience.

The problem area is this, people believe going down the mobile route will improve popularity, this is not the case, mobile friendly will improve usability and conversion. Generally speaking in the business world, all that’s required is a new, lite, mobile friendly homepage, one that showcases a business, quickly and effectively.

Chris Slay, a long-standing client of ours and the owner of Skills Provision, a Global Recruitment Provider is keen to introduce a mobile version of his homepage; I’m sure in time others will follow.  


By: Peter Arkwright


Date Written: Sat, Feb 8th 2014