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Keyword Cramming, not a Good Idea

Webmasters often fall into the trap of trying to target too many keywords on any given page. Remember it’s not about finding a short term winning formula, it’s about longevity.

In the past those that crammed keywords could still see favourable results through quality link building. However in today’s environment, it’s not the case.

Search engine bots scan pages, attempting to identify themes. They pay particular interest to:

Too many keywords will cause confusion and trigger filters, bots are constantly searching for signs of over engineering. Are you attempting to gain an advantage through manipulation?

The other issue to consider is that of natural placement. Keywords need to be embedded in such a way they fit seamlessly into meta tags, content and titles. By doing this effectively a visitors experience will not be dampened.

Personally I recommend not using the meta keyword tag even though it’s not taken into account, regarding measurement. I still feel it can have an adverse effect if filled with unrelated terms.

Keyword cramming is dead, pipes in meta tags are crazy, 1 page, 1 set of keywords all naturally embedded with the right frequency.

Here's a fibre optic cabling site we released last week, you can clearly see there has been no attempt at manipulation. There has been no keyword cramming.


By Peter Arkwright

Date Written: Wed, Jan 22nd 2014