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Brum Brum Saturday

When your friend calls to say he’s retiring his loose wheeled 1972 Triumph Stag and moving into modern times, well, it’s exciting all round.

The main problem for Simon was not the actual selection of the car, more getting the colour right to please his axe wielding wife.

After bouncing round auto trader for all of 3 minutes, it was decided the perfect car was the Mazda 6 /cough. Don’t worry about reliability, performance, steering racks or anything like that, it looks good and in white it’s going make Simon and Debz feel 20 years younger, bargain.

So started the epic journeys of being chauffeured (the fringe benefit of being an officer in the RAF) down to Southampton to a Car Supermarket Gaff that picked its name from a well known brand of soap. Over the next few weeks, deposits were paid; quickly followed by a change of heart. Eventually, as the chequebook grew thin and Scott realised he had put 10,000 miles on his own vehicle, it was decided a change of tactic was in order.  

Simon’s daughter, who doesn’t know one end of a motor vehicle from the other, suggested avoiding the Car Supermarket place (if you have more than 2 GCSE’s you’re not suitable material to work there) and to look at local car dealerships. It sounded a promising suggestion; why didn’t she speak up sooner.  

Brum brum Saturday had finally arrived, the day of reckoning. Through a bout of intellectual reasoning Simon had convinced his wife the best car for the job was a Ford Mondeo. As luck would have it the ideal car was situated in Huntingdon, you know that place where that nutter walked down the high street blatting anything that moved. And so the deal was done, at last the epic journey was drawing to a close. The perfect car was selected (hopefully) the main selling point being the rear tow hook and electrics. The only downside is there’s no sat nav, this could be problematic as we all know what officers are like with maps.

Thankfully it will be 30 years before the next chapter of brum brum Saturday.

This article has been sponsored by the poor girl who lost the use of her legs following an infamous game of spoof.


By: Peter Arkwright



Date Written: Sat, Feb 8th 2014